Saturday, August 1, 2009

Finally, an update!

We've been so busy these last few months! And the spring allows so little time for website updates... the legislature has been so busy.

But, very briefly...

The kids and I got to go to Greenlake WI for the annual church musicians' conference in July. I went to the conference as a teenager/pre-teen, and it's always been very special to me. I'm happy to say that it is now very special to them, too! We had a really wonderful time, surrounded by wonderful people and fantastic music. We spent the majority of our time playing together, and exploring all the opportunities on the grounds. And we discovered how much FUN it is for them to paint ceramics !

I got to go for lots of solo runs (an exquisite luxury!) and also got to take Glen on a nice long hike in a meadow.

More ceramics time (family, don't look too close... wouldn't want to ruin Christmas...)

And we got to go fishing in Wisconsin's deepest lake.

There's also a beach, where we got to play with sand and water.

More beach time. We were REALLY EXCITED about the beach.

Totally unrelated... My parents have a Nightblooming cereus in their yard. It's never bloomed before... but this summer, we may have a bloom happening!!!

These bloom only once a year, and only at night... It's a pretty special occasion.

The garden is going gangbusters. The kids have been helping off and on, but it's really proving to be such a great experience for me. So grounding, and peaceful.