Monday, December 7, 2009

On top of it.


It's entirely possible that I don't update this often enough.

So Welcome to December!

I took down the Halloween decorations last night, which is a step forward. It snowed this morning, and we realized suddenly that I have NO IDEA where Glen's snow pants are. So he wore my 'snowsuit' to school. It's crazy big, but at least he won't have to be the kid who can't go play in the snow.... which is good.

Since I haven't updated since... hmm.... August ... well, there are lots of pictures to share! I'll do a few now, and more later. There's been too much between then and now to even try covering it all, so I'll take a page from Kerouac and ramble like a madman. :)

I got to take a trip to Denver all by mahself, and I proceeded to read four novels straight while there.

I started really increasing running mileage, and joined a running group training for a 10 mile race, but then added too much too soon and now have an ouchy knee. I'm working with it to slowly get back up to 24/25 miles per week.

I quit the paper route Nov. 1, which hasn't helped the weekly mileage -- I resolve strongly to get back to it this week, and add one or two miles each week until I'm back up to where I was in October.

I started taking voice lessons and have been enjoying the heck out of it. What fun!

The cleaning lady came today, and I can't wait to go home and revel in it. ( I spent the whole weekend putting crap away so she could do her job...)

Larry was in several shows this year. My favorite was one about the women in Lincoln's life, out at the Theatre in the Park. He played several different characters and was really great in each of them. He's doing a student-directed play at UIS now, and has some exciting opportunities coming up that are going to be really fun to watch.

Fealty (our recorder consort) accompanied "Shakespeare Shorts", and it was a really cool experience.

We took the kids to Rockbridge, MO this year for Thanksgiving instead of doing the Feast of Plenty (Us, the kids, and my parents all went), and it was a genuinely wonderful experience. Outdoors, hills, stars, streams, rainbow trout, family.... ahhh.

Enough with the words. I'm sure I left out.. well, nearly everything. :)

From the August McDaniel Family visit:

from the Heroes Run for Hope (5-miler, fundraiser for the Marrow Donor Registry)(yes, I'm wearing a cape):

Gideon was too tired to climb the stairs at Gramma's. He just went to sleep right where he was:

I got new Specs, too!

I'll add more when I'm at the other computer, for it seems that's where I've stored them all!!