Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween Photos

At last, Halloween Photos! The whole album is on photobucket -- you should be able to click any of the photos and get there, if you want to see them all.

Gideon was a Ninja Turtle, in an inspired night-before creation courtesy of Larry (the Shells are GREAT, and made with stuff we had around the house already). However, he got tired of the Shells after just a little while, and took them off -- so he's just wearing a green sweatsuit with a blue mask. Larry said, "It just looks like we didn't try!" But we swear, we did try!! The best laid plans ...

Willow was going to be a flamenco princess in her beautiful new flamenco dress from Spain, but at the last moment was infatuated with the hoop on her purple princess dress-- so she was princess Willow (and remained princess Willow for several days after Halloween. We did finally get her to take it off.)

Glen was Albert Pujols (another stroke of genius from Larry -- we already had everything we needed).

So this year's Halloween was an unparalleled success! We spent $0.00 and everyone was thrilled with their costume!

Caiti and Willow

Willow and Caiti.

Gideon, with the shells on!

Mr. Pujols.
In case the links don't work on the photos, the album is here:
(Caiti, there's a bunch of good ones of Cole there!)