Saturday, April 18, 2009

March and April photos.

New Photos from the Smiths!

Gideon got a hold of the camera and did a series I like to call "perspective".

Then Dad finally had to take the camera away. This, I believe, is him saying, "No, seriously Gid. Give me the Camera. 5..... 4..... 3....."

Madi guards the shed in my parents' backyard every minute she's there. There's somebody living under there... it'll be interesting if they ever come out!


Ooli is so happy that it's spring at last.

The boys, getting in some bball with the baby bball hoop.

SNOW! At the very END of MARCH! I know for the Denver people, that's no big deal... but here, it's a good reason to get up before the sun is up and make snowmen!

And, oh yes, to EAT SNOW!

We got to visit John and Sarah over in Mt Zion recently, and we got to play "Farm". It was a blast. Gideon got to drive Scoop -- they'd scoop up big shovels of dirt just to watch it fall to the ground.

Please go see the whole album, if you're interested! (just click the link)
I'm back to photobucket this month.
There's an "Easter" album on there as well that's pretty great! Perhaps I'll post a few of them here in a little bit... but for now, you can just follow the link.