Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A little shame faced...

It has been far too long since I made time to post.

In the interim, I've :

-played a role in the impeachment of the governor, and of his removal from office
- joined weight watchers, in actual person rather than all by myself
-begun training for the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon
-painted the living room
-gutted and replaced the bathroom, although we sadly still await a sink
-thrown a 4-year old's birthday party
-remembered to mail xmas gifts before February for the first time perhaps ever
-given up on mailing xmas cards or "family letters"
-hired, trained, and equipped a new staff for the coming session
-finally started making 1 hour every night before bed for reading
-decided that we're going to need a bigger house sooner rather than later


Enough about all that.

Oh, and the funniest thing that happened, and actually made me fall to the kitchen floor laughing:

So we've gutted the bathroom, had it replaced (walls, floors, tub, shower, everything). We decide to "finish it up" one Sunday afternoon, and I break the light fixture while installing it. And discover that we can't install the sink we bought without knocking holes in the new (and freshly painted) drywall. So... we return the sink. A frustrating day, but we really took all of it in stride.

And then, I notice that the bucket under the kitchen sink is filling up faster than usual. (I've been ignoring this tiny little drip for MONTHS.) So I figure we'll just clean out the trap and put new pipe tape on it. A nice feel-good job after a rough day -- and maybe we can feel like we finished something.

Larry goes to unscrew the pipes.... annnnnnnnnnnnnnd....

After Larry stopped laughing and picked me up off the floor, we called the plumber.

I'm so done with DIY.


Anonymous said...

You have nothing to apologize for - what an exhausting list of activities - and you didn't include taking time to share quilting techniques with 2 special gals at church. I'll be sending you the photo - its great and kind of an intergenerational photo to boot! Candy