Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Sky is Falling!

I'm finally getting around to posting new photos!
Glen was Chicken Little in his school's production of "Lemonade" (a cute musical for "young singers"). We were pretty proud of the costume we came up with.

We had Willow's Birthday (4!!), and family came to celebrate. Willow was still a little sleepy, but she's Grandma's girl.

One morning this month, I got home from the paper route to discover what "snuggle" really means:

And Madi and Ooli are really forging a great relationship. We love it when Ooli comes to visit.

Gideon still loves to look at the camera when you're taking a picture. REALLY CLOSE UP.

And he's really getting huge.

And just because I hadn't posted one of me yet... this was a trip to Monical's last week. I get cold in restaurants. It's ridiculous.

Have a wonderful week!


MaeT said...

that chicken little costume is fabulous!!

Gideon looks more and more like a football player! :-D

We're coming down in 2 weeks...hope to see you then!