Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Haiku time

I'd forgotten how much fun it is to write Haiku.

And they're short and painless, so I'll share. (Since it's just the 6 of us anyway...)

Try one! They're fun!

(and no, I don't stick to the exact syllable structure...that's not the main defining characteristic of haiku anyway...)

dusk falling coldly
smell of fire and burning leaves
lonely autumn road

boats rub the bumpers
mud dobbers swarm the boat dock
bluegill play hide and seek

gentle running stream
crawdads hide under flat rocks
cold on my bare feet

smell of cold
outside the window
snow drifts

three jackets by the door
dripping snow melts on the floor
warm dryer running

empty summer school
under the second desk in the front row
six colors of bubble gum


Sass said...

Ahhhh...three jackets.

Love it.

How is it that I'm NOT on your blog list? ;)

The Poundsmiths said...

An Excellent point, to be remedied immediately.

Sara said...

Brown-headed cowbirds
Increasing in number
Decreasing my peas

I wrote that this spring. I had been diligent about writing haiku/senryu, but then I got a job.

I just discovered your blog (found my way through The Loony Bin links). I enjoy your photos and your haiku.