Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jingle Bell 5K, and Fall-ish photos

Last year, I raised funds for the American Red Cross through "Run Red" -- this year, I'm choosing the Arthritis Foundation.

So I'll be running the "Jingle Bell 5K" as part of a team that is raising funds together. (Glen, my mom, and I ran it last year, too, but didn't do any extra fundraising).
PLEASE do not feel obliged!!! But if you want to help me raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation, there should be a link here to my "donation" page, and you can just do it online. There is also a lot of information about the foundation itself.

And now for photos!

We had a cantalope grow into the chain link fence -- it was so much fun to watch it grow there! And it harvested just fine, although it required some on-the-spot surgery.

Larry snuck a picture of me singing.

Our little princess got all dressed up for the ball, but fell asleep before dinner.

Gideon, pretending to be asleep on Madi.

Man, that boy can throw.

The stumps we use for seating around our fire pit have grown the most astonishing lichen this summer. We can't even bear to sit on them, for the beauty of it!

Willow, ascending the play fort in the backyard. (lip gloss first).

Peeking Gideon.

There's a whole album of great September and October family photos at this link, if you want to see more --


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