Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sand Angels

We went camping this past weekend at the Indiana Dunes. None of us had ever been there before -- it is just beautiful, and I loved the campground we stayed at. It was, however, COLD. I guess that's what we get for camping in October... But coldness aside, it was a wonderful experience. I haven't downloaded all the photos yet, but I'll get to that later this week -- for now, here's one of Glen making sand angels on the shore of Lake Michigan.

The first moment we got on the beach, all three of our children immediately fell to the ground and rolled around in the sand. We protested for a second, but it was hopeless -- we may as well have dropped them in the middle of a pile of candy, they were so happy to be at the beach.


Mae said...

Justin wanted to do the same thing, I had to hold him back though...

BTW - just got back from the vet having a tick head pulled out of Mal - make sure you check Madi good!